AVIATEX is a group of companies producing and selling products necessary to care of passengers and which are used in interior of land, air and water passenger transport.

Having experience of foreign air manufacturers, AVIATEX is able to provide modern solutions and solve various problems of service, soft inventory and cleaning.

We always try to completely meet all requirements of our customers. With AVIATEX customers get prompt and individual solutions, modern materials and technologies.

Our values

  • Steadiness - a longstanding experience on Russian market emphasising on long-term relations.
  • Quality - responsibility for high grade of our products and services by our partners.
  • Business ethics - acting in compliance with international norms and standards: fairness, honesty, succession.
  • Efficiency - short terms for completing an order by using internal production base and vast experience.
  • Expert knowledge - a possession over recent information on Russian and internal markets, and each partner in particular.

Our history

The idea of creating the company arose in 1999, when the process of splitting Aeroflot to numerous small companies took place. As each airline was looking for an individuality, we had to find an individual solution for each of them. The products were mostly of foreign nature, since there were no Russian manufacturers.

After a number of years a decision on starting a small production of single use [head cushions] and [cushion covers] took place. Primary products were ordered from abroad. Starting from a several hundreds of products a year, our company continued developing and growing in turnover. Annually 3-4 new airlines become our regular customers having chosen efficiency, individual approach, expert knowledge and stability.

At the moment we are the first company by turnover on the Russian market and the major supplier of leading Russian passenger carriers.


Manufacturing works includes a cloth room, a sewing shop, a cutting shop, a pressroom  and a finished products warehouse. We meet all temperature and humidity requirements for storage.

The company uses high technology manufacturing equipment. We always improve the manufacturing automation process and plan to be completely equipped by automated industrial complexes in the near future. High-technology equipment allows the company to carry out individual orders in short terms and with attractive prices. Our products fully comply with the world quality requirements.

The company works with primary producers directly. We have entered long-term agreements on mutually beneficial  cooperation with producers from Russia,  Belarus, South Korea, Czech Republic and Great Britain. Long-term agreements allow us to provide the company with necessary primary product volumes which guarantees regular product supply for airlines.

Company location is practical for product shipment and transportation to any Moscow airport.


Presently AVIATEX is dynamically developing company with great market experience and spotless reputation and which uses a complex of up-to-date technologies and materials, which meets the requirements of Russian passenger carriers and transport market.